Eve Online Mineral Helper – Update 0.1 news

I’ve finally got things NEARLY finished for version 0.1 (public release scheduled for version 0.2… more information on that later).

Figured I’d drop a quick update for those who are following this; I will be posting a video soon outlining the capabilities of the program here within the next few days, so long as everything goes as plan. Encapsulation was a success and has shortened the code considerably / running faster now. More to come!


Updated Picture of progress from Eve Mineral Helper

As promised earlier, here’s a screenshot of where I’m at now. v0.1 is almost done, finishing up the encapsulation (I had to re-write a large chunk of the code for this when I decided to add the NumberUpDown things). Still not quite working right with the real-time computations but nearly there.  This has been done.

After I get that tackled, going to work on the ‘setup’ menu (Notice the new tabs across the top!) so that it will work for other users other than myself (I have my info in the code itself, as it stands now).

Will keep you all updated as I get further!


Eve Online Mineral Helper Update 0.1

Figured I’d keep track here and also let interested parties know where I’m at with this.

I’m changing the ‘Qty You Own’ field to an up/down number so users can enter there own fields here, as well as the ‘Current Price’.  They will still, by default, load from the Eve Online API system, but will have editable fields.  This is done.

Because of this, I’m having to go back through my code and encapsulate a little better.  Expect a new screen shot here in a day or two and one step closer to public release!  This is also done!

Eve Online Mineral Helper!


So I’ve been playing a lot of Eve Online (cold, bleak, heartless game that it is) and have been testing my programming skills simultaneously. I finally have something semi-working, though not nearly finished, so figured I’d post my progress here.

Still got a few things to do even at the state that it is now.


– Have more than one ship being tracked, include miner information. Selection menu for these different ships.

– Automatically connect and update prices using a market API. Still trying to stumble my way through using it, rather confusing.

– Setup window for users to enter their own API / VCode keys to pull said information.

At that point, I might consider a public release, but for now: a work in progress!

“Hello World.”


So my therapist suggested I start a blog; a place to divulge and reflect; To get out the things I cannot otherwise communicate with the world….. Welcome to my page.

I am an Agoraphobic with Panic Disorder and haven’t left the house for months. My life is quickly turning into something confusing, disturbing, and substantially significant. The cobblestones under my feet are wavering with catastrophe awaiting me below. I’ve found it hard to cope. I’m coming to grips with the fact things aren’t getting better; this inward journey I timelessly walk, is to be never-ending.

This is the release I’ve never gave myself a chance to have; my own private place in the public eye. To discuss the things I’ve never been able to say, to show the things no one has seen, to pour what I have out.