Eve Online Mineral Helper!


So I’ve been playing a lot of Eve Online (cold, bleak, heartless game that it is) and have been testing my programming skills simultaneously. I finally have something semi-working, though not nearly finished, so figured I’d post my progress here.

Still got a few things to do even at the state that it is now.


– Have more than one ship being tracked, include miner information. Selection menu for these different ships.

– Automatically connect and update prices using a market API. Still trying to stumble my way through using it, rather confusing.

– Setup window for users to enter their own API / VCode keys to pull said information.

At that point, I might consider a public release, but for now: a work in progress!

3 thoughts on “Eve Online Mineral Helper!

  1. […] Eve Online Mineral Helper! (beeferikson.wordpress.com) […]

    • beeferikson says:

      Thanks 😉 I’m sure folks coming here will appreciate your video! Will let you know when my program is a little more ‘public-ready’, it’s still being worked on 😉

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