Just a Quickie…

I moved into the new place and just got internet back.

Life is chaos; more words to come shortly.


The World Sure Does Funny Things Sometimes…

“We see in order to move; we move in order to see.”
― William Gibson

So I had this tug several days ago. At first, I didn’t know what this tug was, it was only identifiable as a pulling feeling. After a day or so, it hit me: I’m done living in Pennsylvania. That rather struck me hard, as logistically this is very difficult. Firstly, and most importantly, my daughter lives here with her mother; I couldn’t imagine leaving her on a permanent basis. Secondly, as mentioned before,  I have Agoraphobia. There are times when I have a hard time walking down the street, let alone move 2600+ miles away on the other side of the country. However, this tug became inescapable; consuming me during any and every free moment I had.

Finally, I was drawn to my Tarot cards (I should mention this is not a typical ‘doom and gloom’ Tarot deck… I may elaborate on that another time perhaps), something I rarely feel.  As I shuffle the deck, a card goes flying out, and one that I haven’t drawn, nor seen before, flies out. Picking it up, it became very clear my path: the card “Movement”  was staring back at my bewildered face.

So I start to think about where I’d want to go; for some reason Washington state and Colorado immediately popped into my head and would not leave. A day or two later of research, phone calls, and hold music (still humming that bloody awful Christmas tune, thanks folks), it appears a destination is slowly rising out of the fog: Bellingham, Washington, in the district of Happy Valley (that makes me smile every time I say it) and on McKenzie street (which bears particular significance in its own right as that it is my better half’s name).

While I still have yet to learn the logistics of exactly how I’m moving over there (keep in mind, I have about $0.32 to work with), I remember back in my high school years of oh-so-long-ago telling everyone I was going to walk across the country; At the time, I had no idea this meant in my 30’s.  However, it appears I will have a VERY long hitchhiking trip ahead of me; it’s all happening with frightening speed and synchronicity but I know deep down that this is my path.

There is also going to have to be the talk I have with my ex about my daughter, which may prove to be either a blessing to leave or a hellish thing; time will tell and the outcome I hope to be the best.

I have yet to learn my exact date of departure but I will be taking my camera to share and catalog this journey with you; look for this to happen in the next few weeks, if instinct serves me well.

Any Suggestions GREATLY appreciated!!!! I’m flying blind here, by the seat of my pants and letting my soul guide me.

See you soon, Bellingham!